milan design week 2018

by design lab by esteban salazar

The most important event of the Interior Design Industry – Il Salone del Mobile – was held in Milan, Italy from April 17-22. This year’s trends focused on innovation and technology. The city wore its finest and welcomed hundreds of companies with installations at different venues – among them, historic palaces and buildings with reinvention being the common denominator of 21st Century design.

Surrounding the fairgrounds, cars fused with the landscape to vibrate collectively and produce a unique visual spectacle that combined quality, good taste and technology. Inside, the excitement was captured in dozens of stands and exquisite exhibition wings proved to be the epicenter of impeccable stage designs that merged LED lighting and plenty of creativity.

This year, many new collections featured injected aluminum or wooden-plated furniture concepts. Mirrors (its varied uses show that this never goes out of style) and classic materials treated with innovative techniques and unconventional results.

Mid Century Modern, which originated at the beginning of the 20th century and is characterized for its functional aesthetics, suggested a simplicity of lines with never-before-seen finishes. The search for basic detail and perfection was evident in every piece of furniture. Yet, the classics have not lost their importance and were relaunched in newer versions.

A preference towards games was a constant in the fairgrounds with exhibitions planned to surprise and impact the public. Museum and sculpture-inspired pieces were given a place of honor highlighting that they are still relevant. Materials such as glass and applications on film created a theatre-like effect. Other protagonists, such as neon, dominated as well as much more dramatic lighting than years before and Bursts of color appear to be entrenched now more than ever. Milan is certainly an opportunity to rethink everything you though you already knew about the Design World.