Santa Ana, Costa Rica | 2018
Photography: Andrés García Lachner

Salma, is a commercial space dedicated to the creation of salads, soups and organic products. Despite being a small place, we wanted to work on a very consistent concept with the nature of the product. This is why we gave it an urban accent of “green house”, with the intention of “generating life” inside: turning it into a place that invites you to “be”: comfortable, fresh and natural (like its food concept). The result is a space with its own character, that welcomes the visitor from the first moment, thanks to a strong reminiscence of what we could call a “tropical jungle”. A preponderant element is the geometric metal structure that brings a contemporary feel to the space, as well as the custom graphic design inspired by the jungle, which is found on the wallpaper. For this project, materials such as rattan, wood, and metal were used. Wallpapers inspired by plant shapes and textures were personified to bring life to the space.


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