residence electrical jungle

Bosques de Lindora, Costa Rica | 2023
Photography: Andrés García Lachner

When two art lovers, who are also participants of the renowned “Burning Man” music and art festival, contacted us for this wonderful project, it was no surprise that they wanted something unconventional for the interior design of their residence. This couple also wanted their children to be able to take ownership of and enjoy all the spaces. That’s why the playful design of the living room aims to entertain both adults and children, providing different ergonomic spaces where they can play, study, rest, and have fun with family or friends.

The mix of vibrant colors, premium iridescent fabrics, and various textures is tied together with a rich selection of art, including collectible pieces placed in the double-height library, as well as the design of the wallpaper and wall art.

The attention to detail that characterizes us is reflected in every corner. The sofas are not only 100% custom-made but also feature unexpected details, such as the sloped cut seen in the corner of one of them, making it unique and special. At the terrace, an s-shape table is crowned by beautiful curved organic lamps overlooking the natural pool design created with multiple large planters and stone blocks around its perimeter enhancing a jungly feeling. With no doubt a staggering project outcome!

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