isla verde hotel

Pavas, Costa Rica | 2018
Photography: Andrés García Lachner

It is recognized for being one of the most emblematic Asian restaurants in San José, after several decades of existence, is a synthesis of contemporary design with clearly oriental argumentation. Our greatest challenge: to link more than five thousand years of history and tradition, with the spirit of our time.

The intervention by Design Lab focused on four main areas: façade, lobby, hotel bedrooms, public bathrooms and the restaurant. At the level of the façade in Isla Verde the intervention was total. For this it was decided to cover with a series of arches (belonging to the original construction) with a material composed of perforated panels. The result gave a dose of modernism immediately, thanks to the dynamic appearance and, at the same time, the rooms were endowed with a strategic view towards the mountains of the Central Valley. In addition, a fabulous play of light and shadow was allowed. The façade is a clear example that aesthetics and functionality can be merged through an innovative solution. Externally, and accompanying this new look, the design of the entrance garden stands out, with metal cylinders simulating bamboo and surrounded by nature in its purest state.

On the inside, Isla Verde becomes an abundance of color and movement. Our goal was to honor Eastern culture, but bringing it to the present, through an updated design language. That is why the iconography is very familiar to those related to China and its history. Clear examples are shown on the walls, such as a map and the fish type “KOI”, famous characters from the mythology of this millenary country. The color red, as a symbol of good fortune, is also present throughout the reception, whose furniture was designed by our office. In this sense, a large format round ottoman stands out and a bench in wooden blocks, with a rough and natural appearance.

The bathrooms in the lobby are especially important. The concept revolves around a neat, contemporary and brightly lit space (an important challenge to improve in this area). The walls lined in small-format turquoise mosaic contrast with the exposed copper piping, inducing a strong industrial-type design. The natural stone washbasin top, mirrors, custom lamps and other details – especially a wooden panel that seduces the eye – create a bathroom of exceptional style. The natural stone sink, mirrors, custom lamps and other details – especially a wooden panel that seduces the eye – create a bathroom of exceptional style.

As a transition to the restaurant, several wooden panels stand out that predict the elegance of a place where diners will enjoy a warm atmosphere. Here Asia is breathed in a refined and cosmopolitan way, with elements of aesthetic simplicity and noble materials everywhere. The ceiling is undoubtedly a receiver of looks, because the sinuousness and beauty of the wood define the different areas and make the room a very cozy one. The blue and turquoise tones reign, as well as a wall with crescent geometries superimposed and installed “in situ”, which seem to take on a life of their own and recall the element of water to be a focal point, as is the background library that exhibits several teapots and other curiosities.

We invite you to a tour of this spectacular project, inspired by large Asian cities such as Hong Kong…

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