Costa Rica Country Club, Costa Rica | 2017

Fundación Fundamentes celebrated its 10th anniversary and we wanted to help by creating an extraordinary event for this charity French dinner gala. All donations from this event will be used to solidify and expand the educational and social project with 500 children who live in marginal communities in Pavas and Limón.
Special thanks to all the sponsors and friends who collaborated on this beautiful initiative: Laura Chacón, Calidad a Tiempo, Elegante Frenesí, Eventos Carlos Gil, Federico Montero, Opticas Visión, Alianza Francesa de Costa Rica, House 4 Real – Boris Terrasson, Ingeniosos, Alexia Uriarte, Maria Cardona Vaselli, Juan Dahik, Edgar Brenes Soto, United Airlines, Teatro, DGala Events Costa Rica, Aurum Costa Rica, Proverde, ITXN Photo, Marcia Traube, Kryssia Swirgsde, Tania Kissling, Patricia Figueroa, Francella Gomez Martinez, Erika Villafrade and Miguel Saborio.

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