croc´s hotel

Puntarenas, Costa Rica | 2018
Photography: Rodrigo Montoya
In collaboration with Cloud9

The concept behind this nocturnal entertainment site is based on the oceanic universe, in the form of fantasy and that is why everything there is playful and suggestive. “The intention was to create a true symphony with the elements, colors, lights and textures”, explains Esteban Salazar the creator behind this work.

A large fiberglass structure welcomes you into the space, in the shape of an amoeba, with a very suggestive turquoise color. From there on, everything is linked as a game, which allows you to enjoy a perfectly playful environment. In this sense, two contemporary trees in wood stand out, with a very fluid form. In addition, the lighting is designed in an intelligent and unconventional way: the lights are hidden behind the walls, which are aligned with horizontally placed wooden slabs, controlled by the DJ in order to set the scene. Additionally, the suspension lamps complement the bar and emulate a type of floating marine species.

In summary, Croc’s discotheque was conceived as an ode to the sea and its movement.

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