Alajuela, Costa Rica | 2018
Architecture: Maroto Arquitectura
Construction: Ventajas Mundiales
Photography: Andrés García Lachner

A product like coffee is inspiring for excellence, its evocative nature; that integrates shape, color and texture (elements that are ambassadors of its smell, taste and look). At Coricafé everything evokes coffee, starting with the façade, made of large sheets of Neolith. The reception, on the other hand, is the synthesis of a great interior design, with a wooden reception desk with horizontal cuts in the form of a coffee grain and in suggestive colors and whose frame is a triple height, ideal scenario for a large wall installation made with 50 circles in copper and mirror finishes. Black ceramic and copper finish suspended lamps create the so-called ‘wow effect’ mentions Esteban Salazar.

Color is fundamental in this interior design project and is present through all the pigments of coffee, from the moment it is a green grain until it matures: the palette of coppers, green and yellow makes its way throughout the space (450 m2). Likewise, very well thought out design elements accompany the spaces, such as the personalized wallpaper with illustrations of the coffee universe, that gives strength on certain walls and, in others, the natural fiber paper sewn by hand with volume and texture.

Special mention to the international certified laboratory, designed for tastings and other tasks related to the commercialization of coffee. This is the “heart” of the company and was conceived as an industrial site, with exposed pipes, state-of-the-art equipment and a design that makes any visitor dream.
The details, always present in the philosophy of Design Lab, accompany the entire tour of these offices that undoubtedly take design to another level.

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