campus residencias

Sabana, Costa Rica | 2018
Architecture: Javier Angel
Construction: RC Inmobiliaria
Landscaping: Claudia Pacheco
Feng Shui: Iside Sarmiento
Photography: Andrés Garcia Lachner

Design Lab by Esteban Salazar created an innovative interior design project: Campus Residencias, incorporating fresh, youthful elements. We used the trend of “color blocking” to eliminate monotony and make color the main feature. Feng Shui was integrated into the design, and each zone was developed according to energy guidelines.

Each floor of the building has its distinct personality based on the color assigned to it, and the rooms are deployed in the side blocks. The rooftop on the fifth floor is designed to leave a long-lasting impression and is a standout feature of the building. 

Located in the East of the city, this unique residence is designed to inspire creativity in students. We are proud to say that this project is a tribute to the art of doing things with excellence, and we are committed to delivering unique and innovative solutions for our clients.

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