black jungle

Direction, production and design: Design Lab by Esteban Salazar 

Floral Design: Sonsoles 

Dance Performance: Karina Obando 

Dancers: Karina Obando, Camila Larios, Estefania Dondi, Jeison Campos, Natalia López, Ivánder Thompson and Fabiola Loria 

Furniture and structure rental: Elegante Frenesí  

Technical set up and lighting: Audiovisuales Papagayo  

Special effects: Pulse 

Photography: Sergio Quirós, Daniela Linares

Welcome to the enchanted jungle of the event we designed at Andaz Costa Rica Resort, at the Papagayo Peninsula.

Inspired by the concept of black jungles, we designed oversized structures like bird cages, gazebos, and pavilions, each infused with luxury and sophistication.

The grand pavilion stood as the epicenter of our creation, enveloping our guests in a unique sensory experience. Acrobats and dancers’ performances not only captured the essence of nature in motion but also evoked the awakening of animals within the jungle. Fireflies in the night sky take the event to new heights of fantasy and creativity!

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