adobe systems

Papagayo Peninsula, Costa Rica | 2016
Direction, production and design: Design Lab by Esteban Salazar
Video Mapping: Pulse
Dance Performance: Karina Lesko
Dancers: Karina Obando, Andres Avila, Jeison Campos, Maria Daniela Herrera, Lizeth Valverde
Reflective dome installation: Francesco Bracci
Technical set up: Calidad a Tiempo / Odin Taylor
Lighting: Diego Zuñiga Tapia
Photography: Roberto D’Ambrosio, Douglas Castillo

Design Lab by Esteban Salazar was responsible for the direction, production and design of 4 consecutive events that took place at Papagayo Peninsula and Four Seasons Hotel Guanacaste for the masters of creativity – Adobe Systems – yes, the creators of Photoshop and Illustrator. With the magic and dedication of many creative people we proudly took the event experiential bar higher.

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