Brow Bar

interior design / commercial

Escazú, Costa Rica | 2016
Photography: Andrés García Lachner

This small beauty salon in Escazú has the global soul and atmosphere of a major urban city corner. A modern and clean design with key illustrations on walls, contrasted with contemporary geometric mirrors, suspended golden light bulbs and photography portraits set the tone. The reception desk welcomes the visitor with burnt gold cylindrical bases, creating a clear design statement. In addition, a bold graphic design adhesive was generated for the main façade, inspired by the eyebrow’s movement, providing a contemporary and unique look..

The company did not understand the impact that this was going to generate, both for the beautification of the city and for the success of the cafeteria. They dared to create an innovative space in the heart of the capital with an avant-garde style, good lighting and a serene atmosphere.
The main mural wall was made by Costa Rican artist Luciano Goizueta, who highlighted several elements that are in the saffron’s trajectory and history on its arrival to Costa Rica.
As well, various decorative objects on the main counter shelves take the visitor to a childhood voyage, such as Star Wars Stormtroopers, Transformers and a Tyrannosaurus Rex - icons from a past daring to open a door for imagination and creativity.
The luminaires have a simple shape that becomes playful at the same time, some in the form of plant pots and others with wire mixers, designed and produced especially for Azafran. The existing chairs were refurbished, their backrests were redesigned by integrating a metal panel with hexagon shapes done through plasma cut.
The wall to the right of the room shows an installation of containers for pastries and pans, which reproduce a white on white interesting 3D effect.
A new opportunity for San José - spaces where the senses are raised and the imagination flows. Cheers for more corners in the city that elevate your experience.