miami art week 2017

By Esteban Salazar Zuñiga

By Esteban Salazar Zuñiga

Founder and CEO of Design Lab

Our Miami Art Week escalated a bit this year, since we participated in the creation and production for Kevin Barry Fine Art yearly event at the Nautilus Hotel rooftop, hosting their top hospitality clients with a beautiful dinner party with the presence of various renown artists such as Charlie from Soul Clap at the decks, and installations from Natasha Tomchin, Olivia Steele and various other digital and sculptural artists. Without doubt an amazing evening full of creativity and innovation!

The art fair in this 17th edition, really presents precise art that projects unexpected and contemporary art displays. The exhibition was filled with over 140 international exhibitors. We spent hours absorbing the installations which were full of geometric inspirations, carved Stone intricate details, neon works of art and astonishing creations, around al the different show spaces from the Faena Hotel to Art Miami, Scope Art Show and Untitled Art Miami Beach.

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Written by: toor