esteban salazar
our founder

Esteban is an interior architect and designer with more than 16 years of artistic experience. His passion for excellence and adherence to the highest professional standards provide him with the skills required to develop creative designs, architectural concepts and carry out all aspects of branding and event production in the most efficient and personalized way. His broad international design experience began at Creapole, École du Design in Paris, followed by architecture firm Zoevox, selected by AD France as one of the top design firms in Paris.

A life dedicated to the design of innovative projects of a distinctive nature, passion for excellence and high professional standards that characterize his work. 

Selected in 2017 “Man of the Arts” by Traffic Magazine, Costa Rica.  

design lab

Driven by innovation and a focus on striking and functional environments, Esteban Salazar established Design Lab, an international firm based in Costa Rica, as a real lab built around the value of co-creation that transforms client goals into truly unique atmospheres. Design Lab crosses over on various fields of design, ranging from interior design, branding, temporary architecture and event design. 

Each assignment executed by Design Lab supplies the appropriate skills and capabilities to match the complexities that the assignment demands. Innovative and out-of-the-box solutions with a view to provide value enhancement for each client is imperative for him and his team. Client service standards adopted by Design Lab not only codify but also reflect the commitment levels to every client.

A culture of accountability to each other and their clients is the norm. Esteban and his team believe in sustaining the standards of excellence by integrating prompt and creative decision-making and accountability in all dealings.

Design Lab strives to work with the best clients, hire the best people, provide the best environment, and consistently deliver high tech and top quality design with a groundbreaking component of branding, coupled with their graphic design strength. The resulting blend of elements, shapes and textures come together to demonstrate the unique and creatively inspired soul of each individual project

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